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Memphis Outdoor Lighting Effects Your Mood

Water features can almost immediately melt the stresses of the day away. Imagine walking out onto your deck or patio to gaze at an amazing water feature like the one in the photo below. Water creates a remarkable focal point in the yard, whether it is a soft and relaxing or trickling and soothing feature. What takes it to extraordinary heights is the lighting in and around the feature, focusing on the most important aspect – the water.

water feature lighting Memphis TN

Low-voltage landscape lighting is essential around water. It can illuminate hazardous edges around large stone waterfalls or highlight focal areas such as shrubs around the water, adding ambience to the entire backyard. The professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis also offer a rugged, cast brass pond light for underwater lighting. Your waterfall will come to life with strategically placed lights playing off the moving water. Installing fixtures at the bottom of the waterfall as well as lighting that sit on the sides of the water stream illuminate the rocks and create the perfect combination.

We know that the right lighting is more about the effect than the fixtures. Hiring a professional outdoor lighting designer gives you the assurance that you that the outdoor lighting fixtures will be strategically placed. We use the same formula for underwater lighting as we do for architectural and landscape lighting, taking into consideration the width and height of the feature for the best effect. We also know the right fixtures to use, the best bulbs and the most accurate angles to highlight its most amazing elements.

waterfall lighting Memphis TN

Our low-voltage high-quality, underwater and landscape lights are priced very competitively, constructed of heavy brass, copper and stainless steel, carefully sealed for a long life, and backed by great guarantees. Plus, we will come to your home to demonstrate the difference lighting can make. Give us a call today and you can be sitting on your deck watching your waterfall very soon.

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